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#TravelJournal : Valentine in Bali

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Valentine has just landed in Bali and she’s ready to enjoy her holiday. And it starts right now. Queue up at the cash machine to get some rupees? Not anymore. She decides to pay for everything by credit card, since she has no commission charges abroad. So far, everything is perfect.

A few days later, Valentine decides to go on a night trek to Mount Batur. When the hike is over, she heads to a restaurant for a well-deserved meal and realises that she has lost her card.

She gets her mobile phone straight away and opens her banking app to cancel her card. Then she calls her bank to ask for a new card. Verdict: it will take more than a week to get a new card… However, her bank says she can withdraw money from a partner agency in Denpasar to pay for everything until she gets her new card.

Unfortunately, Denpasar is more than 100 kilometres away. This is really annoying because she has no car and no money to pay for a taxi or take the bus…

Fortunately, Monext is here to help Valentine.

In fact, she can cancel her card and instantly create a virtual card, from her mobile banking app, which she can use to make mobile and online payments until she gets her new card. Once she gets it, she can add it directly to her payment wallet. Which means the holiday continues!

Be like Valentine and never get caught out.



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