Monext offers a simple and scalable credit processing solution in SAAS mode for credit institutions.

It enables you to suggest new credit granting methods in-store or on-line (from creating files to recovery) in France and abroad.


  • Credit products linked to a payment card:revolving, deferred debit account, payment in instalments, etc.
  • Credit products not linked to a card: loans for specific purposes, personal loans and revolving credit
  • Refinancing of loans
  • Debt reorganisation
  • Ceiling increases: for reserves, for example

Their success makes us proud

A wide range of consumer loans

The ONEY Group uses the retail credit processing solution for Spain and Portugal. This solution allows the Group to promote its in-store sales through attractive credit proposals, meeting the major challenge to combine flexibility and a wide range of offers, for the management of around 3 million credit cards.

MONEXT has rolled out its consumer credit solution, making the necessary adaptations. Since April 2010, MONEXT has managed credit processing and a wide range of consumer loans.

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